Thursday, June 19, 2014

1890s Cats

Trying to write and my cat just will not leave me alone, so I'm posting some pictures of 1890s cats. Naturally, people have always loved cats. In 1893, Harry S. Miller wrote "The Cat Came Back." The world's first cat video was made in 1894, as well as the boxing cat video.

Cat and dog (1889)

A Small Girl with a Cat, 1889 Giclee Print

Jeppe the Cat by Bruno Liljefors (1889)
Mrs Armitage's Siamese cat (1890)
Little girl with two cats (1891).
Amelia Van Buren sitting with cat on shoulder (1891).
This is how I feel with my laptop today.
The Book of Pussy Cats (1891).
From the boxing cats video (1894).
Cat walking in snow (1895).
The Cat (1895).
Cosey, the winner of the first American
National Cat Show (1895).

A trio of cats (1897)
Painting by Felix Edouard (1898).
Photograph by Clara Middleton (1897).
Woman holding up cat (1897).
Reading while churning butter
(with cat taking care of splashes), 1897.
 Taken in 1898 and entitled "The Rogues Gallery."
Sailor with a ships cat aboard the cruiser Olympia, circa 1898. 
1899 Cat postcard.
Fancy Cat (1899)
Cat knitting (1899)
French Cat (1899).

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  1. I have a print of the 1898 Rogues' Gallery. It is very old, it hung on my grandmother's wall when my dad was a boy around 1916. His mother always told him she got it from an old neighbor when her belongings were sold after her death around 1910. Is there any way to find out just how old it is and the value?

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