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Images of London in 1899

On the last day of the 19th century, a large stone at Stonehenge fell over. The collapse changed people's attitudes toward Stonehenge, as people started thinking of it as a national treasure.

Repairing Stonehenge in 1900
The falling of the stone, to me, represents the need that Victorians created in us to preserve so many aspects of our lives "for prosperity's sake." Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone for the Victoria and Albert Museum on 17 May 1899, as her last public engagement.

Laying the foundation stone of the Victoria & Albert Museum at South Kensington:
the Queen's arrival at the pavilion. The Illustrated London News (20 May 1899)
The National Trust acquired Wicken Fen, the nation's oldest wetland national reserve.

In transportation news, the first motorized bus was run by the Motor Traction Company between Kensington and Victoria in 1899. Horses were expensive to feed and care for, needing attention round the clock, while they worked only a small proportion of the day. There were many experiments in steam, with batteries and petrol engines, as engineers tried to find the most economic and reliable way of replacing horses.

Without further ado, pictures of London in 1899.

Motor Traction Company 1899. 
If London Were Like Venice: Oh! That It Were’
From Harmsworth’s Magazine (The London Magazine)
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Children in a London alley (1899)
John Atkinson Grimshaw Paintings, The Strand, London, 1899.
Beestar Motor Tricycle with Gun replacing the front forks. London 1899.
The Tower of London (1899)
Chess Club, London 1899.
Mile End Road, June 1899.
The Marylebone Street Station of the Great Central Railway, 1899.
London, 1899, by Léonard Misonne
London, 1899, by Léonard Misonne
The Royal College of Surgeons' Museum circa 1899.
London 1899
Montgomery and Stone at the Palace Theatre 1899
Lillie Langtry 1899
Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet
Princess's Theatre, London, 1899. 
Elsie Maitland & George Kirby's Wedding 1899
The London School of Tropical Medicine, Royal Albert Dock, 1899. 
Rear view over the roof of Temple station in 1899
Program for the laying of the Foundation Stone
at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
A bird shop on Neal Street (1899)
A "lady" photographed by Millon E. Mallett,
258 Brixton Hill, S.W. London 1899
Aldgate from Mitre Street 1899
15 & 16 Stratton Street, Piccadilly, London 1899.
Nina Boucicault, 11 February 1899
A November Morning
the Embankment, London
by Harold W. Lane (1899).
A stereoscopic image of Holborn Viaduct 1899.
Family tea party at Royal Holloway 1899.
Samuel (Mark Twain) and Olivia Clemens lounging:
taking the air in London 1899.
Dr. Bucke seated in the Medical Superintendent's office of
the London Asylum for the Insane (1899)
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