Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Images of London in 1893

I'm including more paintings and sketches in my images of London in 1893 because I feel like the illustrate the influence of street photography on art. When you finish scrolling through these, look at Images of London in 1894.
Tower Bridge under construction with
river traffic in the foreground (1893).
'Going North, King's Cros Station' (1893) by George Earl
East London Railway Station (1893)

The newly-erected statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus (1893)
Illuninated Gardens Imperial Institute London (1893)
"A London Newsboy" (1893), by Augustus Edwin Mulready
July 1893 timetable of the London,
Chatham, and Dover Railway.
The Amazon Warriors advertised above.
Same people as above, but this image has been partially colourized
Members of the Pompier Ladder crew won
an international competition in London in 1893.
Dance lessons at Oxford music hall, London,
week beginning Monday, 30 October 1893.
"The Rivals." London (1893) by W. Dendy Sadler
English bar and barmaids, London (1893)
A play at the Royalty Theatre (1893)
The Hambro' Synagogue, Fenchurch Street (1893)
One of the most prolific London street photographers of 1893 was Paul Martin, who took the following images:
A porter at Billingsgate Market (1893)
A magazine seller at Ludgate Circus (1893)
Street ‘urchins’ (1893)
Cab Accident, High Holborn (1893)
Flower woman, Ludgate Hill Station (1893)
Billingsgate Market (1893)
Children dance around a maypole (1893)
Images of London in 1893 is part of a series I'm posting on 1890s London. For more, look back at previous years: 1889, 1890, 1891, and 1892.

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  1. I'm loving all these period pictures you're posting! Where are you finding them all?

    1. I've been researching my novel for over two years, so they come from many sources. Where more images are available, I try to include links, but sometimes find I am dealing with too many images to keep track! Google image searches are often very helpful too :)

      So glad that your enjoying them!