Thursday, May 1, 2014

Images of London in 1891

Continuing my year-by-year series of images of London, I learned that the city had problems with flooding in 1891. Oscar Wilde published the Picture of Dorian Gray and the Soul of a Man Under Socialism. Bram Stoker published the Snake's Pass. Mahatma Ghandi finished law school.

The Thames
A bird's-eye view from Herbert Fry's "London" (1891)
Norwich, London Street, 1891
Queen Victoria Street, London (1891)
A flood was reported in the London Illustrated News
(Some things haven't changed.)
Transport workers went on strike in 1891.
Gandhi (1891)
In London shortly after completing his legal training.
Ghandi and other members of the London Vegetarian Society (1891)
H.P. Blavatsky in 1891 with James Pryse and G.R.S. Mead. 
South London Photographic Society Club Outing (1891)
1891 Rachel Dudley
Lillie Langtry posed as Cleopatra (1891)
Oscar Wilde's sons pose with an elderly gentleman (1891)
Arthur Conan Doyle (1891)
Thomas Beckett's mother-in-law, Mrs Lawrence & 4 of her daughters
London, England (November 1891)
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