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Images of London in 1890

I enjoyed creating my post about 1889 so much that I had to do one for 1890. I could turn 1890 into two posts because there are more great images from London that year than I can fit into this post. The selection I've chosen create a sense of place, and help me imagine everyday life in the city.

I found it interesting that most of the street photos capture more men than women, with the exception of the railway station and the butcher's shop. Other photos of women on the streets that I found seemed deliberate, like they were trying to capture those ladies in an image.

It was more challenging for women to be out and about town, without hurrying to and from their destinations. Women would sometimes pee themselves on the train because the geography of urban London didn't allow them any place to use the bathroom. Basically, women would take the train into the city to go shopping for the day, then do the pee-pee dance all the way home. Department stores were trying to address this issue, so maybe that's where most of the women are hiding.

Fleet Street, London 1890
Fleet Street. By James Valentine c.1890
For more pictures of Fleet Street click here.
Victoria Street, London, c.1890
Boundary Street 1890
Gracechurch Street, London, c.1890
High Holborn, London, c.1890
This is one of the areas people suspected that Lady Meux worked
as a prostitute before marrying and becoming so influential.
Oxford Street, London, in 1890
Oxford Street, London, c.1890
De Hailes' Locksmith & Ironmongery in Key Close, Whitechapel, 1890.
Museum of London. Regent Street, c.1890
Farringdon Street by Charles Wilson, c.1890

1890-ish. Looking toward the Bank of England. (ty @p1966k)
Wych St, c.1890.
Oooh... Electric light...
How the artists at Punch saw London in 1890.
Bishopsgate Street, London, c.1890.
Broad Street Railway Station, London, c.1890
The Angel Inn, High Street Roehampton London Pictured circa 1890
Heal's delivery depot in central London.

London Screever on the Thames 1890
Salvation Army women's night refuge: c.1890
London Family (1890)
Apparently, plaid was in that year.
1890 engraving
Requesting a dance, 1890
Dancing was a good way for men to meet eligible women.
London & North Western Railway engineers and navvies at Stockport,
after having widened the Edgeley Viaduct around 1890.
Not sure what this guy is doing, but he is in London in 1890.
Makes me think of the baker on Sesame Street in the 80s with some
very high number of banana cream pies, and THAT never ended well!
Scene outside a London Pub, 1890.
Maids at work in a large kitchen, circa 1890.
Textile printing at Merton Abbey, London in 1890.
Shops in London 1890
Looks like the butcher was having a sale.
The Great Mastodon in the South-East Gallery of
the Natural History Museum,
South Kensington, London, 1890
Electric light at the British Museum, London, 1890. 
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