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Images of London in 1889

In compiling this little collection of pictures taken in London in 1889, I was reminded that in any given place at any given time so much is happening. In 1889, London's streets were crowded with striking workers and pooped on by passing elephants, as the circus came to town. I read about couples, who visited London that year on their honeymoon, and others, who could barely afford to eat. In spite of a lack of opportunity, some women were graduating from university with honours, while others toiled away in factories, buried deep within the East End. Certainly made for some interesting images.

London Dock Strike 1889
London Dock Strike (1 September 1889)
1889 Night Mail Euston Railway Station London 
Bird`s-eye View of London, 1888 from: Illustrated London News 1889, volume II, p 496/97.

1889 London Theatre 
1889 Parnell Commission
(Oscar Wilde's brother covered this story for
the Daily Telegraph)
1889 Shah Royal Family State Concert Royal Albert Hall London Spectators
The Symth Family (London 1889)
Street view 1889
(I love the omnibus)
Honours for Ladies at the University of London
(1 June 1889)
Frances Evelyn ('Daisy') Greville (née Maynard)
Countess of Warwick
circa 1889
Giant from the Barnum and Bailey Circus (1889)
Circus performers (London 1889)
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