Saturday, June 21, 2014

1890s Women's Fashion

Bookmark this page, if you like 1890s dresses. I intend to keep adding to it. It is, as the title suggests, a collection of women's clothing from the 1890s.

I also strongly recommend browsing the 1890-91 H O'Neill & Co. Fall and Winter Catalogue.

Mary Harrison McKee's gown, 1889

1880s Bloomer Suit (typically used for cycling)
A Brighton Lady in a cycling costume (1889)

1889 Stern Brothers evening shoes
1889/90 evening dress
1890s cycling costume

1890 evening coat by House of Worth

1890 evening dress
1891 silk corset
1891 dress by Madame Clapham
1891 dress American
1891 dinner dress by House of Worth
1891 tea gown
Fashions for May 1891
1891 ensemble from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Reception dress 1891/92
1892 dress
1892 evening dress by House of Worth
1892 ensemble by Germain Lecomte
1892 evening dress by House of Worth
1892 dress by House of Worth

1893 evening jacket

1893 dress by House of Worth
1893 dress
1893 House of Worth
1894 evening coat
House of Worth
1894 jacket
1894 parasol
1894 dress by Haas Brothers

1894 House of Worth
1894 afternoon ensemble
House of Worth
1894 carriage ensemble
House of Worth

1894 dress by House of Worth
1895 silk evening mantle by
House of Worth
1895 evening hat
1895 dress
1895 dress
1895 dress
1895 parasol
1895 House of Worth
1895 House of Worth
1895 jacket
House of Worth
1895 House of Worth
1896 dress (French)
French dressing gown
of Japanese silk (1896-98)
1896 evening dress
House of Worth
1896 dress by Madam Leonie Duboc
1896 evening gown by House of Worth
1896 day dress
1897 dress by House of Rouff
1897 walking dress
1897 day dress
1897 dress by Jaques Doucet
1897 day dress
1897 dress by House of Worth

1897 evening dress by House of Worth
1898 House of Worth
1898 House of Worth
1898 House of Worth
1898 dress
1898 fan by Tiffany & Co.
The Delineator June 1898

1898 evening dress by House of Worth
House of Worth evening dress (1890s)
1890s bathing suits
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  2. I'd be really interested to see some "rational dress" worn in the 1890s! Have you come across much?

    1. That's a very good question. I've searched for examples of rational dress only to decide I'm not qualified enough to notice the difference between the dresses that I've posted above, and examples of hygienic or rational dress. When you get right down to it, as with Warner Brother Corsets, the difference was in the way that clothing fit, and how it allowed women to breathe or move. There are a few obvious pieces, like outfits designed for specific activities (bicycling, for example), but in terms of a ball gown... I don't really notice which dresses were rational and which were not.
      See: for more on ladies' underwear in the US re the healthy dress movement. I'm going to see if I can add some sporting costumes to this post.

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