Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dracula's Whitby (Part Two)

Yesterday, I started sharing the pics I've been finding of Whitby in the 1890s, but ran out of time because there are so many great images out there. I'm looking at these pictures to get some sense of where Bram Stoker was, when he was researching and writing Dracula. Now, I want to pick up where I left off, but, as you know, this is a blog about my research tangents.

While searching for photos for the Whitby portion of my story, I discovered Frank Sutcliffe, a professional Whitby photographer, who was contemporary to Stoker. Sutcliffe might have dined with Stoker in Whitby, as they were both friends of John Ruskin.

I've chosen photos from Sutcliffe's collection to represent the time period that Stoker would have been visiting Whitby and also just because I think they are neat. Hope you enjoy!

"Stern Realities" 1890.
"Piggy Back" 1890s
Unknown (found by Tanya)
A Whitby Street
November (1890)
Robin Hood's Bay (1900)
Boat in Harbour (1890)
Through The Station Doorway
These last two are unknown.
Now that my head is full of wonderful new setting for Stoker in Whitby in the 1890s, I have some other writing to do!

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  1. What incredible photographs, thanks for sharing.