Monday, August 18, 2014

Images of London in 1897

In May, Oscar Wilde was released from Reading Gaol. In June, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. In July, the Tate Gallery opened. In August, London got its first horseless taxicabs, and taxi driver, George Smith became the first Londoner charged with drunk driving that September. W. Somerset Maugham discovered that he was destined to be a writer, not a doctor, that year, when he published Liza of Lambeth.

This is the year in pictures.

Outside the Bank of England 1897
Horseless carriages would be a good thing
because people were really starting to worry
about horse poop. You can see why!
A Bersey Cab in London 1897
The Royal Gun Factory in Woolwich 1897
Regent Street and Waterloo Place, London, 1897
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Parade moving
down Whitehall in the City of Westminster London, 1897
Diamond Jubilee procession, London, England, 1897
New Palace Yard, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) 1897
Leadenhall Market 1897
Newgate Prison and the Viaduct Tavern 1897
Exhibition at Earl's Court
Illustrated London News 1897
Coventry Street, Piccadilly 1897
London City Council 1897
Tower Bridge Hotel, Bermondsey, London 1897
Robert Koch in the London Illustrated News 1897
Oxford Street 1897
Fire on Oxford Street 1897
The workshop of Charles H. Fox,
Theatrical, Historical & Private Wig Maker and Costumier,
25 Russell Street, Covent Garden, London 1897
Old woman on roller-skates 1897
Guy's Hospital 1897
Upper Richmond Rd. 1897
Colonial troops in London for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 1897
The Jubilee celebrations 1897. The Scotch Stores Trades Wagon.
London United Tramways horse tram 1897
Construction of the Central Telegraph Office 1897

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If you really want to see more of London in 1897, this other site has a cool collection that compares 19 pictures of 1897 London to the present day.

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