Thursday, February 20, 2014

Immoral Essays by Bram Stoker

I've been slowly reading my way through The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years, when I started laughing. One entry, written (I guess) sometime in 1877, reveals a playful imagination in young Stoker, which reminded me of Oscar Wilde. The notes, however, say that "Stoker appears to be imitating Leitch Ritchie, who in Friendship's Offering (1844), plays with a similar set of juxtaposed virtues and vices."

The entry is a simple list of essay titles that Stoker refers back to throughout his journal. They are as follows:

'Immoral Essays'
I. A Defence of Hypocrisy  
II. A Plea for Cannibalism 
III. The Pleasure and Profit of being in debt 
IV. A Word for Liars 
V. The Advantage of Gluttony 
VI. Envy Calmly Considered 
VII. The Virtue of Revenge 
VIII. The Vice of Cleanliness
I really do wish he got around to writing some of these essays. If they inspire any of my readers, please feel free to share your immoral essays here!

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